• Eigetsu WEST
  • Eigetsu EAST

Reasons why you choose Eigetsu

Perfectly located in the heart of Kyoto’s main sightseeing district

Explore worthwhile sights in Kyoto by walks. Gion, Yasaka-jinja, Heian-jingu, Shoren-in and Chion-in are all within 10 minutes by walk. Subway “Higashiyama” station is just 2 minutes by walk and Keihan train “Sanjyo” station is also 6 minutes by walk (and 10 minutes ride to “Fushimi-Inari” station). Local bus stops are all within 2-minute walk. It’s within easy walking distance of downtown and shopping areas, Ponto-cho (romantic walk in the night), Kiya-machi, Kawaramachi-dori and Furumonzen-dori (popular antique street) with 8~10 minutes.

Experience an exotic machiya vacation

Eigetsu is a twin machiya (traditional townhouse) of two houses to be next each other (Eigetsu EAST & WEST). Max 4 guests for each house and rent out to only one group at a time. If you are in two groups, you can use both properties to stay up to 8 people. Eigetsu is fully furnished and equipped with latest facilities including high-speed free WIFI, air conditioners, kitchens, cookware and all amenities. 24-hours open convenience store, supermarket and laundromat are also within 1-minute walk.

Discover Japanese architectural genuine

Eigetsu is a designed machiya with the mixture of traditional Japanese and modern luxury. The property was originally built approximately 100 years ago and fully restored in 2017 preserving the features of old Japanese architecture using beautiful antique furniture. We also paid extra attention for the health to use solid wooded material and natural organic paint. Hope you will enjoy your stay in Kyoto at Eigetsu and have your great memory with your family, partner and friends.

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